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Settling down with a frontend framework

Day 1
Hey man, I am rapid prototyping a block chain concenpt, My Backend is ready with golang, what framework should i use for just “Front End” ?

Friend: Try_______ you should be good..

Day 2

Me: Dude it’s too much for “Prototyping”, I am not like planning to Become a Frontend Developer or something, i am not an artisitic guy hahaha….? What else can i use?

Friend: Try _______ you should have generators to get you started..

Day 5

Friend:  Hey man, how it going with your project?

Me: It was all fine till i made a mistake of taking suggestions from you hehe.., Dude i asked you to suggest something to build a frontend not like study something new & then build a prototype for that and not my project..

Friend: So what did you settle with ?

Me: Vue.js

Friend: haha, It’s very new & you can’t do stuff with it

Me: Guess what my prototype is ready in 2 days & Also, learnt some best practices while trying to use it.

Friend: your call man.. Tc.

Sometimes it is best to self learn & understand what is best for you, I am DevOps guy whose  experience is primarily Infrastructure & good handson on experience Python/Golang, & taking a suggestion from a friend for frontend development was the worst possible direction i took.

He was suggesting out of his experience & I don’t need that to prototype my application.

Here is what i settled with finally Vue.js, Which was powerfull enough and would get you going if you know a html, css & js.

What more did i learn along?

  • Package managment for Dev vs. Prod
  • Building & Packaing radpidly
  • Linting & testing
  • Deployment (Works with my existing tools)

Stuff i was able to learn thanks to vue.js simplicity which i would have never digged into given the generators & other frameworks are so rapid that it builds the logic autoatically with an assumption that only Pro’s use their frameworks were

  • NPM
  • WebPack
  • ESlist
  • Testing concepts for Frontened (Which i had no clue about)

So, if you are an indie backend dev looking to quickly prototype as per your need & not the frameworks need, Please try vue.js. I am not saying that the other frameworks are bad, it just doesn’t get into a list of my preference without too much learning.

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